Eating out and restaurants

Lake Toba and particular the main tourist area in Tuk Tuk on Samosir Island offer a fantastic range of Batak, Indonesian and western food. All of the restaurants are family run and have a unique home style cooking taste.

Some of the Batak dishes you should try while visiting Lake Toba include:

Babi Panggang – Babi Panggan literally means “roast or grilled pork” and is one of the most delicious Batak dishes.

Saksang – Saksang is pork served in a kind of gravy sauce, like a curry. It can also be cooked with chicken.

Grilled fish – Many restaurants in Tuk Tuk have barbeques out the front used for cooking fresh fish straight from the lake. Sometimes the fish will be cooked in banana leaves and is usually served with a spicy sambal sauce.


Most hotels and guesthouses have a restaurant which at least serve breakfast and some simple Indonesian dishes.

Orari – Orari is right on the lake and serves a mixture of western, Indonesian and Batak dishes. The owner and her kids are very friendly and love to have a chat when they are not in the kitchen.

Tabo Cottages – The restaurant at Tabo cottages has some of the best western food on Samosir Island. The bread is baked daily and they have a number of delicious and very filling sandwiches.

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